The Best Waist Trainers for Looking Hot on Instagram

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The hourglass figure has long been seen by many as the “ideal” shape for a woman’s body.  In a nutshell, the hourglass shape features similarly sized bust and hips with a narrow waist.  It’s a figure that’s been sought after for centuries.  While good eating and exercise habits can certainly enhance anyone’s figure, the hourglass figure relies more on a woman’s anatomy and physiology.  The good news for women striving for this classic shape is that it is possible to reshape your body through a steady and dedicated program of waist training.  The idea of waist training has been around for centuries.  The steel-boned corsets necessary for proper waist training actually became the first mass-produced fashion garments for women due to their widespread popularity in the late 18th and 19th centuries.  The practice fell largely out of favor in the early 20th century, when the flappers of the 1920s began opting for a slimmer, more rectangular look.  Today, waist training seems to be making something of a comeback, with various celebrities endorsing the practice.  What some call waist training, though, is really less true waist training and more like waist taming.  


Waist training is a long-term process, not a quick fix.  Done properly, it definitely can reshape your body, slimming your waist and, depending on how much body fat you have, add varying degrees of extra curviness to your bust and hips.  In addition to shifting extra fat to the hips and/or bust, a slimmer waist gives the illusion of larger hips and bust.  The results are long-lasting, but can never be completely “locked in.”  Once you reach your goal shape, you will have to continue wearing your corset, regularly if not constantly, to maintain your results.  This is because waist training works by gradually compressing the waist, which shifts the two lowest ribs, called the floating ribs, closer together, thereby shrinking the waist.  Any fat is redistributed, which is what can add the extra bust or hip curviness.  Even internal organs are slightly reconfigured, but not beyond the same organ shifting that happens during pregnancy.  If you quit wearing your corset altogether once you’ve reached your goal, these ribs, over time, will float back to their original positions, as will any shifted organs and fat.

Many garment makers and celebrities are touting the body-shaping benefits of waist training.  The problem is that many of these folks are not actually promoting true waist training, which can only be done effectively through the use of a steel-boned corset, since only this steel boning offers enough rigidity that, when used properly, can lead to the long-lasting results described above.  The latex and/or spandex garments being promoted by so many simply can’t produce the same results.  Instead of true waist training, these garments can achieve no more than “waist taming.”  They can certainly make your waist look smaller, but only while the garment is on.  These shapers can certainly give you a flattering hourglass figure when worn under clothing, but that illusion evaporates as soon as the garment is removed.

To begin waist training, the first imperative is to choose a properly-sized corset for your current waist size.  You might be tempted to choose a garment a size or two smaller than is appropriate, thinking that this will get you to your goal quicker.  That would be a mistake.  Wearing a corset that is too small will not get you quicker results and will likely cause enough discomfort, even breathing difficulty, that you are unlikely to be able to stick with it.

Many have concerns about the safety of waist training.  Done properly, there is no evidence to suggest that waist training is harmful.  A proper regimen involves wearing an appropriately-sized steel-boned corset for an hour or so a day, gradually working your way to wearing the garment all day.  Once you’re comfortable wearing the corset all day, you can focus on gradually tightening the laces until, over several months, even years, you achieve your desired results.  Being comfortable at one stage before moving to the next is the best way to advance safely and achieve the long-lasting results you’re aiming for.

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You Need to Know These Pro Instagram Tips

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Social media can be an amazing way to connect instantly with existing followers and reach out to new ones.  Many businesses understand the power of social media as a networking and advertising medium, but few are optimizing use of Instagram, despite its insane popularity.  Whether you’re looking for more personal followers or looking to get your business on the map, there are a few things you can do to take advantage of this photo-based platform.

Build your base

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If you want more followers, don’t forget to be a follower yourself.  Check out the accounts of your most active fans.  Take a minute here and there to comment on or otherwise acknowledge their activity.  This tells them you value them and exposes you to followers of theirs you might not otherwise reach.

Use existing trends

More specifically, take a look at the most popular currently-trending hashtags and use them in your own posts.  This keeps your material in the forefront and saves you the trouble of fighting to get your own unique hashtag its own place near the top of the list.  Choosing trending hashtags with the largest number of followers gives you an instant boost.  Understanding what’s trending among members of your target audience is the best way to reach them based on terms they’ve already embraced.  Kind of like meeting them on their bandwagon instead of asking them to hop onto yours.

Be smart about your photos


After learning what hashtags are currently trending, tag existing photos instead of always trying to keep up with adding new ones.  Since each photo can have multiple hashtags, a single photo can impact several different groups of followers or potential followers.  Many who’ve learned to effectively harness Instagram’s power recommend no more than five hashtags per photo, as having too many can start looking cluttered and make your thought process seem a little scattered.  A great caption can also add a little more detail about who you are and seem more personal and less like a random photo matched to a random hashtag.

It’s also good to remember that, even in the word of selfies, better pictures draw more interest.  Taking a little extra time to get the best photo possible greatly improves your chances of getting your photo the attention you want.

If your followers regularly post photos of themselves using your products or services, be sure to include them in your own stream.  It makes existing followers and customers feel like part of your circle and can show prospective followers or clients how your product could fit their lifestyle.

Boost your bio

Having a great bio is something that can make you seem more “real” to current and potential followers.  A bio that’s dynamic and engaging will be more appealing and memorable than a minimalist set of facts.

Remember your platform

While Facebook can be a great place to share your story with followers in some detail, Instagram is generally more of a quick-look platform.  Be creative with your hashtags and captions on Instagram, leave the narrative for Facebook and other longer-look platforms.

While Instagram is still mostly thought of as strictly a social platform, harnessing its far-reaching power for your business is a relatively simple, but still powerful way to take your company’s social media presence to new heights.